Handmade vs Faux Handmade

Last Saturday I came across a booth at our local “flea market” store that showcased fabric dog collars. At first glance they looked handmade, scanned their QR code and saw a ton of more dog stuff (bandanas, parent dog gear, toys, bowls…and dog collars) but as a collar maker I immediately knew these were not made by fellow handmade crafter. I knew I had seen them before online. I immediately took a picture and searched collar through google lense. Yep, saw the same exact collar. Not only was it on Aliexpress but on multiple sites selling dog accessories exactly like the one I saw. I was furious because I know these people aren't looking to hurt handmade businesses but they are. Buying in bulk overseas in China and selling them as handmade is hurting real handmade businesses. Most buyers see a cheap price on a nice dog collar but what they don't realize is that they're cheap because they bought them for a lot less from site like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Temu. A lot of buyers who love supporting small handmade businesses don't even realize this. 

BEFORE BEING TEMPTED TO BUY.... Please note that most of these collars are sold in standard sizes, colors, and buckles. Most dogs don't fall into standard sizing. I specialize in custom requests. See something you like but want it made in a different width, size, color, or need a matching set.  I can accommodate these requests because all our products are made to order. We buy fabric, ribbon, webbing, hardware as raw material and when a order comes in, I can make that collar 2" shorter or 2" longer. Our collars pricing reflect the labor and customization. We can customize the size, the style and the buckle to include your dogs important details in case they go missing. 

 Can't till if they're bulk sellers. Take a picture and use google lens or Apple Visual.

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