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Sometimes change is good

 It’s no secret that running a small business is hard. This year I decided to move out of the studio space I was renting and back to my humble beginnings. It was a tough pill to swallow. I started in the dining room of my apartment 12 years ago only to return to a similar place. I keep telling myself that its not failure but keeping things real. Sometimes you have to scale down in order to survive. Plus I have removed so much stress in doing so. Overhead costs were killing me. 

 In 2020 was the year of working at home but the year everyone decided to start a home business. What else were people going to do with their free time besides drink and watch Tiktoks.  By 2022, Etsy and other online platforms became so over saturated with new Shops, that old businesses like myself became invisible. Not to mention that those who claim to be handmade are really not (buy in bulk from overseas/ advertise as handmade at dirt cheap prices) No work and all the glory. It makes me furious!!! Not to mention the fact that overseas business keep messaging me on IG to buy their dog collars to resell. Are you kidding me, I make dog collars? ** Stay tuned... definitely writing a post about this***
 But I’m still here. Chugging along trying to make a living out of doing the thing I love doing the most. Change is good. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 

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Proud of you Aida, change is definitely good ♥️

Nicole Haddad

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