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Why Etsy is dying and my shop is dying with it?


       When I started on Etsy in 2011 it was a unique marketplace. It felt like a virtual craft fair/flea market. Who doesn’t love spending their Saturday morning at a good flea market, right?

      Flash forward to 2023 ….Washington post wrote an article about Etsy and its issue of selling junk as handmade from overseas ( mainly CHINA) 😞 It stinks because I work hard to keep my little shop afloat. Every piece made in my dining room or garage. I’ve had to eat up the rising cost of materials to avoid raising my prices. 

        What I’ve noticed about these shops selling similar items is…they’re usually sold for cheap prices that sound too good to be true, ship within 1 or 2 days, and don’t offer refunds or exchanges. Other ways I’ve detected these shops is they have no real bio. Their ABOUT ME is a generic paragraph about what they sell but no background or history. Their launch date is usually within the last year. Google has also made it easy to reverse search images which what do you know, same items sold on other sites.

The sad part is most buyers shop on Etsy to buy something unique and handmade but are falling for these faux handmade shops. Most people realize they bought junk once it arrives but others don't and are amazed that they paid so little for it.

I personally use to shop on Etsy a lot especially for unique gifts for baby shows, wedding gifts, Mothers/Fathers Day, even to buy jewelry for myself but its getting harder to sift through all the junk so I usually go to the forums on Etsy to find my fellow handmade shops. 

I don't want to discourage people from shopping on Etsy but hoping they see through Scammers to find the real JEWELS. 



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