Care Instructions

Gold Prints~Screen Printed

These are considered delicate and should not be washed or exposed to water. If the collar gets dirty, you can use a washcloth and wipe it softly.  If cared for properly the print will last 6-12 months. Not recommended for dogs who are active, outdoor dogs, or allergenic. THESE COLLARS WILL COME WITH A DISCLAIMER 

Regular Prints

Machine washable styles can be washed in cold water but we recommend washing by hand or in a delicate cycle. Please note the more you wash it, the print will fade like any color t-shirt. Please see below for further care instructions.

Woven prints

We make some styles with a print that is woven and the threads can snag. If it snags, you can take a lighter and melt it back into place since the majority of woven ribbons are made with synthetic threads. 


Nylon and woven ribbon fuzz

Since all our collars are made of nylon webbing, the collar will develop fuzzy edges with time or after each wash. This is easily fixed. Take a cigarette lighter, keep the lighter at least 1-2" away and light the fuzz away. The edges will melt but I would do a little at a time or you will burn your finger


DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk. Not responsible for a burnt finger. I only make nylon webbing collars, do not try this with other collars unless you know they're nylon webbing. Cotton webbing will catch fire 

Scotch Gard-  spraying collar print with scotch gard regularly helps protect collar from the elements and prolong the life of your collar. Not recommend with dogs who are a skin allergy or puppies.