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Cactus Floral Personalized Dog Collar

Cactus Floral Personalized Dog Collar

Make your pup stand out with this gorgeous desert rose. Crafted from soft cotton, it's perfect for dogs with skin allergies. Show off your pup's adventurer attitude with the bold Cactus Succulent print and personalized buckle! An accessory they'll love to wear and you'll love to show off! Add a removable flower for a super special touch

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                          plastic not available in 3/8" unless its not engraved

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Turnaround time

Return/Exchange Policy

Care Instructions

Dainty Buckle Disclaimer and Care

Our 3/8" buckles have a delicate spring mechanism that holds the snap in place but it will break if forced or taken off regularly. I don't recommend the 3/8" metal buckles for collars that are taken off regularly. If you do need to take off regularly, do so gently. Buckles will not be replaced free of charge after 60 days of date of purchase so handle with care. They're cute but dainty.


RECOMMENDATION: Spray with Scotchgard Water Shield to help protect items from water, stains, and help prolong the life of the product. We don't spray our products because of skin allergies pets may have

Velvet Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

These are considered delicate like any velvet furniture. If the collar gets dirty, you can wash on delicate cycle or hand wash. If its a small spot, spot clean is best. I would use a delicate detergent like Woolite. After washing, dry metal hardware to avoid staining and lie flat to dry. Velvet will be a bit rough after washing but steam will help soften it up again. Do not recommend light colors unless dog will not be wearing it daily. 

 Not recommended for dogs who are active, outdoor dogs, or allergenic. THESE COLLARS WILL COME WITH A DISCLAIMER 

Regular Grosgrain Ribbon Prints

Machine washable styles can be washed in cold water but we recommend washing by hand or in a delicate cycle. Please note the more you wash it, the print will fade like any color t-shirt. Please see below for further care instructions.

Fabric Styles

Machine wash with cold water. Pat dry hardware to avoid water stain marks. You can either lie flat to dry or dry on low heat. 

Nylon and woven ribbon fuzz

Since all our collars are made of nylon webbing, the collar will develop fuzzy edges with time or after each wash. This is easily fixed. Take a cigarette lighter, keep the lighter at least 1-2" away and light the fuzz away. The edges will melt but I would do a little at a time or you will burn your finger


DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk. Not responsible for a burnt finger. I only make nylon webbing collars, do not try this with other collars unless you know they're nylon webbing. Cotton webbing will catch fire 



  • Hours of Operation

I am available to respond to emails and message M-F 9-5PM. However, orders on our site can be made 24/7. Please allow 24-48hrs for email responses. 


We offer many discount codes but only one can be used at a time. We will not make accommodations to allow two codes to be used. 

  • Dainty Metal Buckles
Our 3/8" buckles have a delicate spring mechanism that holds the snap in place but it will break if forced or taken off regularly. I don't recommend the 3/8" metal buckles for collars that are taken off regularly. If you do need to take off regularly, do so gently. 
  • Will the brass hardware fade or tarnish?
If collars are left wet or moist for long periods of time, buckles/hardware will tarnish, fade, and eventually rust. Our brass hardware is brass plated as well as the nickel.
  • Can I wash it?
All our items are handmade/ hand sewn. We do our best to make them washer safe but most collars on our site we recommend not washing in the washer. 


Printed Ribbon Items:
Handwash when absolutely necessary.Think of these as a delicate cashmere sweater or silk blouse.  ** recommend spraying with fabric Scotchgard, this will help repel liquids and stains. 
Woven Ribbon: 
Machine wash in gentle cycle, cold water, lay flat to dry.


Solid Collars, Leashes, Harnesses:
Machine wash in gentle cycle, cold water, lay flat to dry. Nylon webbing has a tendency to develop "fuzzy" edges.
The quickest way to get rid of those is to bring a lighter close enough to melt them away. You'd be amazed how that easy step will bring the collar back to looking new again. 


  • Can I return my item and get a full refund?
Return/Exchange Policy
  • What is webbing?
In simple terms, nylon webbing is the material most dog collars and leashes are made from. We use heavy nylon webbing as the base and sew on beautiful ribbons to make our various styles.

  • When will my order ship?
Current turnaround time is 1-3 weeks for personalized items, harnesses, and sets. 7-10 business day for non-personalized collars and leashes. I do my best to ship all items as soon as possible but at the moment I am the only person producing the items. 
  • What size and width should I order?

Our sizes are slightly different then what you find at your local pet store. We offer different sizes and widths. 



3/8" - cats,kitten,tiny dogs, mini dogs
1/2" - tiny dogs, small dogs under 8lbs
5/8" - small dogs 8-15lbs
3/4" - small dogs 15-25lbs, medium dogs under 35lbs, large breed puppies
1"  - medium dogs, large dogs under 45lbs. Dogs over 45lbs I recommend not using a side release buckle for walking.

The above reference is simply a guide. Dogs are made in all shapes and sizes so we offer various sizes in all widths so a size Small can come in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" or 1"

Sizing: (Based on the Circumference of the neck)

* if you need a special size, we do custom sizing

Standard Side Clip Collar

XS 7-11"

S 9-14"

M 11-18"

L 14-22"

XL 17-27"

**We can recommend a width/ size, based on weight and breed but it's the customer's responsibility to measure your dog for the correct size. We can adjust these sizes if your dog falls in between sizes. 



We know everyone wants their dogs to be in the most stylish collars or harnesses. All the information above is provided to guide your buying experience. Please note that we will not replace items that fade or get damaged due to improper care. Every dog is different, different energy levels, inside/outside, etc so please buy what you think will be appropriate for your pet. If you are absolutely unsatisfied with your purchase, feel free to contact me at